LightWave: Baltimore’s Beacon – Full Project Journey

Design By Design Collective, Inc.


Baltimore’s sights, sounds, and people are what create its dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. We look to this installation to remind residents and visitors alike, of the true essence of Baltimore. Lightwave is a beacon which draws and emanates light from the pulse of the City itself.


Once a beacon at the mouth of the Chesapeake, the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, now sits at the gateway to the Inner Harbor, celebrating Baltimore’s historic connection to the Chesapeake Bay and its prominence as a port city.

LightWave seeks to reaffirm the identity of the lighthouse by repurposing its use of light from what was an exclusively outward application to one that translates what’s happening around it into 360° visual display of light consisting of 34 panels and over 110,000 LEDs. This installation brings together multiple disciplines, including: visual art, architecture, music and technology, to create a truly interactive experience of light and sound.

Design Team:

Project Manager: Marisa Nemcik

Visualization + Technical Directors : Matthias Fostel + Evan Danchenka

Installation + Logistics Directors: Evan Pheobus + Jimmy Leonard

Content Development + Support: Nick Mansperger, Stewart White, Emily Lodato, Daniel Cartagena


Lightwave : Baltimore's Beacon - Project Journey

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